Photo dump: Alpamayo Trek

We’ve done the Huayhuash Circuit some years back so the only obvious multi-day hiking to be had in the Cordillera Blanca is the Alpamayo Circuit. Our fitness is not back yet and hopefully another round of high passes can whip us back in shape before tackling the infamous Peru’s Great Divide. It’s a route that runs through the elongated crumpled landscape of Peru. We aim to enjoy it without getting maimed and the smart-money is for us to get as much acclimatization before leaving Huaraz.

Anyhow, here’s a photos set from our Alpamayo trip.

Still adjusting from the altitude, Dang diligently hydrates at the start of the trek. Also dogging me to do the same. It’s not my thing, I only drink when I’m thirsty.
Sun shining thru the town of Hualcayan. Inti, Inca sun god, gifted us with 7 days of sunshine.
Day 1 campsite, Calamina.
Some sections are actually bikeable.
Osoruri Pass



Campo Jancarurish


High-altitude broccoli.


Dang making her way up Caracara Pass
On the other side of Caracara Pass, we were greeted by a wide open valley.
A luxury of traveling unguided in the backcountry. You get to choose where to camp whenever. Best camp ever.
That’s the next pass on the left of the shark’s fin.
We broke camp early in anticipation of a few difficult stretches up the pass.
Dang getting pensive. Who wouldn’t?
The pass turned out a lot easier that we thought. This is over on the other side of the pass, turquoise lakes abound. We met a big group of locals having some fun time on their way up here carrying a sack of bread(enough for three days they said), rice and the ever-present potatoes. Talking about traveling light!


Not just pass after pass but valley after valley too.
Our last day was actually the best…
No more pass to contend with. All down from here.
The faint trail that leads all the way up to the popular Punta Union and Santa Cruz trek.
Ain’t that a thing of beauty?



My feet and shoulders are killing me at this point.

We have Instagram if you are eager to see our latest photos and shorts from our trip.

Nuts and Bolts:
**We took collectivos from Huaraz to Caraz and then hopped on another collectivo in Caraz to Huancarhuaz. Better yet, ask the driver if he can drive you all the way to Hualcayan,the last town before the trail. Make sure not to get off Cashapampa unless you want to hike the dirt all the way to Hualcayan. 

**We carried enough food for4 days and resupplied in Jancapampa.

**You camp in Hospedaje Illariy in case you’ll finish the hike in Vaqueria.

**There are a few pick-up trucks in Vaquieria so its possible to hitchhike your way all the way back to Yungay. It’s a dusty and extremely bumpy affair and the driver often time expects payment.

You can view the whole route here or you can just listen to  Macklemore.


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