Loving the cobblestones: Otavalo to Quito

Gone are the throngs of tourists coming straight from Quito to get a glimpse of that Saturday market. As expected Otavalo transforms back to its more tranquil state. We left too but not after a brief bout with some mysterious stomach bug. I guess it’s nature’s reminder as we were a bit careless with our choices of street foods lately.

Once we take notice, its seems like well, safe food handling actually is non-existent on this part of the world(at least in Ecuador). I was buying chicken with fries the other day and the lady used a fork to put the chicken on my plate. I thought, good, but suddenly she put down the fork and proceed to use her bare hand to dump the fries on the plate. I guess the chicken was hot. Facepalm.

But that’s one reason I love traveling, you have to adapt to what’s in front of you. So next time, I’ll just order the chicken minus the fries to avoid witnessing something like that. Lol. Or perhaps get a soup instead. That’ll be horrible if you see them serving it with bare hands.

We left Otavalo with some residual effect of the stomach bug and assumed that it will take care of itself(it actually did).


Not even an hour and we were climbing steep cobbles. Remind me why we haphazardly leave Otavalo? Dang said.
Nicely done cobblestones…
But brain-rattling after a couple of hours. The 29×3″Chronicle helps smoothen out the jarring.
So I can focus and appreciate the pleasant view along the way
I’m not sure about Dang’s 26×2.75 Dirt Wizards though.
Laguna Mojanda. Our prize after a few hours of huffing.
We decided to bomb down the other side but it started raining
Malchingui here we coooome!
It got a slippery on some part my butt later found out
Dark sky Ecuador. I love it!
Valley floor

From Malchingui, we decided to hightail to Quito the next day instead of going to Piñan, our original goal.

The dark sky persisted until Quito

As its been the case lately whenever we hit a big city, I went out the next morning to walk around Quito in search of a good cup of coffee and also to see the city at its busiest.

I asked if they apply liquid waterproofer(Nikwax) to my shoes.
I like the crimson red uniform.
Quito morning rush heading to the Basilica.
Morning stroll to work
Breakfast delivery. Now I’m hungry.

Our route:
Otavalo – Laguna Mojanda – Malchingui – Quito

You can view the tracks here.


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