El Trampolin de la Muerte: San Agustin-Mocoa-Pasto

It took 5 days to finally pluck ourselves out of Casa de Nelly, our chill temporary home in San Agustin. I’m embossed to admit we did not do much in the way of cycling or exploring around the area other than a sightseeing tour of the Parque Archelogico. Oh we actually manage to hop on a raft and ride some waves on the Rio Magdalena.

Speaking of getting wet, “Trampolin” came close to rivaling the rafting we did back in San Agustin in terms of wetness. We were so drenched, motorcycles and camioneta drivers going the opposite direction shake their heads from our fate. Lucky are those who emerged from “Trampolin” I remember thinking while we were going up the Mirador.

By most accounts, this is one of the most dangerous roads in Colombia. Narrow roads, blind curves, and precipitous drops are constants. Add to this the steady stream of passenger pick-up trucks(camionetas) careening with reckless abandon trying to make as many trips between Mocoa-Sibundoy as possible for profit and you have the winner of the most dangerous road in Colombia.

It’s a fun route do to but sad when you think about the locals who HAS to frequent this route if they want to go to either Mocoa and Pasto capitals of Putumayo and Nariño respectively. There’s a plan to build a new road that bypasses this whole mess, safer for the locals and I imagine better for future bike travelers heading this way. I can already imagine riding this ribbon of dirt road without cars zooming by.

Backtracking to the main road after a layover in San Agustin
Once we’re back in track, Bernardo’s back to being a big hit with the kids
All the more while getting stuck waiting for the rain to stop
This little cutie hid under to warm-up a bit
We found a shelter that night to dry up for the next round of expected deluge
But it never came. Quiet road and nice sunny day greeted us instead


Once in Mocoa, these kids stop for some mountain bike chit chat
Cloudy morning a we head to the Trampolin. Totally harmless.
Along with black-top, gentle ascent.
That changed in an instant
To a bit more of an adventure
White cross marking an unfortunate accident on April 21.
More rain. Here’s Dang putting a brave face. We had lunch here while a couple made an offering to “Virgen Maria” hoped inside the shelter. They asked us which direction are we going and shook their heads when they heard our response.
The traffic
The only thing that’ll stop you’re fall
A little bit of view finally
Home for the night with a gaping hole underneath
Enjoying a nice day(an hour of rainshower here and there that is)
Warming-up with a cup of cafe instateneo
Reminds her of Dang’s friend


There are flat sections in the Sibundoy valley but then starts to creep up again…on and on…
Until you get a glimpse of this lake.
And see the thanks god sign(truck tilted downward). A white knuckle ride all the way down to Pasto.
To the waiting arms of our Warmshowers host, Dorys, in Pasto

Our route:
San Agustin – Bruselas – Mocoa – El Mirador -San Francisco – Sibundoy – Colon – Santiago – Pasto

If you’re a more visual hombre, you can view the GPS track here.


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