Bienvenidos a Guatemala

After a hot sweaty night sleeping to the lullaby of Genghis Blues a.k.a. Howler monkeys, we finally leave Mexico, the country we love so dearly. I have fond memories of Mexico but it’s time to move on and see Central America.  A country also rich in culture, Guatemala seems like a perfect transition so as not to miss Mexico much. The key is not to expect much and try not to compare one country to another.

First off, we need to get a boat and cross to Tecnica, one of the Guatemalan border towns. Luckily, Mr. Pedro a.k.a our boatman come in early to greet early birds like us. In just fifteen minutes, flags we see turned from white, red and green to white sandwiched by blue. Welcome to Guatemala, our fifth country. And the Guatemalan rough roads wasted no time in welcoming us.


Frontera Corozal-Tecnica crossing in Peten


Could not get more exciting than this. Hmmm where are the street hustlers?
Guatemalan off-road starter…
We made a mistake of not bringing any Guatemalan currency with us so we have to ride another half day to the nearest ATM.
Guatemalan magic dust.
More dirt road riding on our way to Flores
Where we arrived just in time before nightfall. Next stop, Tikal.

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