The Americas and Beyond

The Americas. 2 years. 2 bikes.

I plan to start in Prudhoe Bay and slowly make my way down to Jasper where I will rendezvous with Dang. From there we will ride the Great Divide before veering west from Colorado to Nevada and Utah because we intend to check out the Arches National Park and the Grand Canyon. From Nevada we don’t know if we can find some back roads that will spit us to Los Angeles.Our plan is to reach Los Angeles by early fall to have a chance to visit Yosemite and thru-hike the John Muir Trail. We will stay in Los Angeles for maybe a month before resuming our ride south to Mexico. I’m not sure yet where in Mexico do we enter. I’m sure we’ll come up with the plan when we get there.

We know there is no way you can plan a multi-year odyssey. Anyone trying to do that will just setting himself to fail. And beside, planning kills adventure. This map is just an outline of the whole trip. It serves as a guide of what we’re up to. The picture makes It easier to explain where are we going especially to our moms  because they don’t have a visual idea of the map of the world other than the U.S. and the Philippines. This will calm their nerves a bit, because yes, we are not going everywhere and anywhere as they originally think. On second thought, it may actually scare the hell out of them.

This is gonna be fun!


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